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Tree View

A tree view widget presents a hierarchical list.

Tree views can be used to represent a file system navigator displaying folders and files, an item representing a folder can be expanded to reveal the contents of the folder, which may be files, folders, or both.

Basic tree view

Multi selection

Tree views also support multi selection.

Controlled tree view

The tree view also offers a controlled API.

Rich object

While the TreeView/TreeItem component API maximizes flexibility, an extra step is needed to handle a rich object.

Let's consider a data variable with the following shape, recursion can be used to handle it.

const data = {
  id: 'root',
  name: 'Parent',
  children: [
      id: '1',
      name: 'Child - 1',
    // …
  • Parent
    • Child - 1

Customized tree view

Custom icons, border and animation

  • Main
    • Hello
    • World
    • Something something

Gmail clone

  • All Mail

  • Trash

  • Categories

    • Social

    • Updates

    • Forums

    • Promotions

  • History



The component follows the WAI-ARIA authoring practices.