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A wide range of shorthand responsive margin and padding utility classes to modify an element’s appearance.


The space utility converts shorthand margin and padding props to margin and padding CSS declarations. The props are named using the format {property}{sides}.

Where property is one of:

  • m - for classes that set margin
  • p - for classes that set padding

Where sides is one of:

  • t - for classes that set margin-top or padding-top
  • b - for classes that set margin-bottom or padding-bottom
  • l - for classes that set margin-left or padding-left
  • r - for classes that set margin-right or padding-right
  • x - for classes that set both *-left and *-right
  • y - for classes that set both *-top and *-bottom
  • blank - for classes that set a margin or padding on all 4 sides of the element


Depending on the input and the theme configuration, the following transformation is applied:

  • input: number & theme: number: the property is multiplied by the theme value.
const theme = {
  spacing: 8,

<Box m={-2} /> // margin: -16px;
<Box m={0} /> // margin: 0px;
<Box m={0.5} /> // margin: 4px;
<Box m={2} /> // margin: 16px;
  • input: number & theme: array: the property is value is used as the array index.
const theme = {
  spacing: [0, 2, 3, 5, 8],

<Box m={-2} /> // margin: -3px;
<Box m={0} /> // margin: 0px;
<Box m={2} /> // margin: 3px;
  • input: number & theme: function: the function is called with the property value.
const theme = {
  spacing: value => value ** 2,

<Box m={0} /> // margin: 0px;
<Box m={2} /> // margin: 4px;
  • input: string: the property is passed as raw CSS value.
<Box m="2rem" /> // margin: 2rem;
<Box mx="auto" /> // margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;


<Box p={1}><Box m={1}><Box p={2}>

Horizontal centering

Centered element
<Box mx="auto">


import { spacing } from '@material-ui/system';
Import name Prop CSS property Theme key
spacing m margin spacing
spacing mt margin-top spacing
spacing mr margin-right spacing
spacing mb margin-bottom spacing
spacing ml margin-left spacing
spacing mx margin-left, margin-right spacing
spacing my margin-top, margin-bottom spacing
spacing p padding spacing
spacing pt padding-top spacing
spacing pr padding-right spacing
spacing pb padding-bottom spacing
spacing pl padding-left spacing
spacing px padding-left, padding-right spacing
spacing py padding-top, padding-bottom spacing

Some people find the prop shorthand confusing, you can use the full version if you prefer:

-<Box pt={2} />
+<Box paddingTop={2} />
-<Box px={2} />
+<Box paddingX={2} />