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Easily make an element as wide or as tall (relative to its parent) with the width and height utilities.

Supported values

The sizing style functions support different property input type:

Width 1/4
Width 300
Width 75%
Width 1
<Box width={1/4}> // Numbers in [0,1] are multiplied by 100 and converted to % values.
<Box width={300}> // Numbers are converted to pixel values.
<Box width="75%"> // String values are used as raw CSS.
<Box width={1}>   // 100%


Width 25%
Width 50%
Width 75%
Width 100%
Width auto
<Box width="25%"><Box width="50%"><Box width="75%"><Box width="100%"><Box width="auto">


Height 25%
Height 50%
Height 75%
Height 100%
<Box height="25%"><Box height="50%"><Box height="75%"><Box height="100%">


import { sizing } from '@material-ui/system';
Import name Prop CSS property Theme key
width width width none
maxWidth maxWidth max-width none
minWidth minWidth min-width none
height height height none
maxHeight maxHeight max-height none
minHeight minHeight min-height none
boxSizing boxSizing box-sizing none