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The API reference of the @material-ui/system package.

Group Import name Prop CSS property Theme key
borders border border border borders
borders borderBottom borderBottom border-bottom borders
borders borderColor borderColor border-color palette
borders borderLeft borderLeft border-left borders
borders borderRadius borderRadius border-radius shape
borders borderRight borderRight border-right borders
borders borderTop borderTop border-top borders
shadows boxShadow boxShadow box-shadow shadows
display displayPrint displayPrint display none
display displayRaw display display none
flexbox alignContent alignContent align-content none
flexbox alignItems alignItems align-items none
flexbox alignSelf alignSelf align-self none
flexbox flex flex flex none
flexbox flexDirection flexDirection flex-direction none
flexbox flexGrow flexGrow flex-grow none
flexbox flexShrink flexShrink flex-shrink none
flexbox flexWrap flexWrap flex-wrap none
flexbox justifyContent justifyContent justify-content none
flexbox order order order none
palette bgcolor bgcolor backgroundColor palette
palette color color color palette
positions bottom bottom bottom none
positions left left left none
positions position position position none
positions right right right none
positions top top top none
positions zIndex zIndex z-index zIndex
sizing height height height none
sizing maxHeight maxHeight max-height none
sizing maxWidth maxWidth max-width none
sizing minHeight minHeight min-height none
sizing minWidth minWidth min-width none
sizing width width width none
sizing boxSizing boxSizing box-sizing none
spacing spacing m margin spacing
spacing spacing mb margin-bottom spacing
spacing spacing ml margin-left spacing
spacing spacing mr margin-right spacing
spacing spacing mt margin-top spacing
spacing spacing mx margin-left, margin-right spacing
spacing spacing my margin-top, margin-bottom spacing
spacing spacing p padding spacing
spacing spacing pb padding-bottom spacing
spacing spacing pl padding-left spacing
spacing spacing pr padding-right spacing
spacing spacing pt padding-top spacing
spacing spacing px padding-left, padding-right spacing
spacing spacing py padding-top, padding-bottom spacing
typography fontFamily fontFamily font-family typography
typography fontSize fontSize font-size typography
typography fontWeight fontWeight font-weight typography
typography textAlign textAlign text-align none